RQ Salmon Flavor 13kg

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RQ DOG is processed under hygienic, complete nutritious, fortified with adequate of vitamins and minerals to maintain the good health of your dogs.

RQ DOG is made from selected high quality ingredients manufactured by GMP,HACCP,ISO 9001:2000 certified factory in order to ensure RQ DOG DRY FOOD is one of the most delicious and safety diet that your dogs could ever have.

Keeping dogs either as pet or animal, they would require the same complete nutritious diet to stay healthy. Feeding them with unsuitable diet could lead to unhealthy condition of their health.

  1. Scientifically proven shiner coat and skin
  2. Calcium and Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth
  3. Dietary fibre for digestive system
  4. Protein for strong muscles
  5. Vitamins and Minerals for body system work effectively

Ingredients :

Corn, rice bran, wheat bran, salmon by product meal, soybean meal, chicken oil, vitamin and minerals, antioxidants.
Crude Protein:23%
Crude Fat:12%
Crude Fiber:6%
Salmon Flavor 13kgRQ SALMON